Client Comments

Bill Kotwas
"Frank Your reply caught me off guard. Someone offering to be as helpful as you are, is very rare these days. I greatly appreciate your comments. Yes, I am able to access your Newsletters and your prior message answered most of my questions. I have copied your Newsletters to share with my brother.

Let me share a little bit of info about me. I am 74, retired from government service, and an occasional horse player with a wonderful family. Like you, my family introduced me to horse racing at an early age. My mother and father would take me to Saratoga every Thursday to play the horses. In thiose days you had to be 18 to get into the track. I was only 15, but I looked older, and sometimes the gatekeepers would let me pass, but other times, they would not. My parents dressed me in one of my fathers old sports coats, and put a World War II veterans pin(ruptured duck) in my lapel. and I never had any further problems, but often got me some unusal stares from the gatekeeper.

In any event, I fell in love with Saratoga. I became convinced that speed figures were the answer, and over the years with the advent of Andy Beyer's work I felt I was on the right track. Many years of emphasis on speed figures have been disappointing to say the least. Over the years,at Saratoga, I have faithfully attended the handicap shows preceding the races, and learned there are other factors, many times more important. In my preparation for a race card, it is difficult for me to discount speed. How do you address speed in your preparation?

Thank you for your interest, I look forward to meeting you.

Warm regards,

Bob Croasdale - San Diego, CA
"I arrived home tonight and received the book I purchased in the mail!  WOW.
I have been using the DRF for years and thought I was beginning to understand how to use it.  I have spent the past few hours reviewing the book and I can see that there was a lot I did not know about using the DRF.  I am sitting here feeling like up to now I have had the equivalency of a High School education in handicapping and I am now have entered Graduate school!
I am heading up to Santa Anita for the weekend to "go to school" and work on my skills.  I am approaching this very slowly as I can see that I will need to change my way of reading the form and I will need to break some old habits.  However, with some time and effort I am certain I am going to see a significant improvement in my results.
I know I have just spent a few hours with your book and I have the feeling of a student who just walked out of his first day of class with the feeling that I truly learning something of value.
THANK YOU so much for taking the time to put this book together.
Anyone who wants to get serious about their handicapping or thinks they already have good methods in place can learn a lot from this book.
I have read a lot of handicapping books, but this one BY FAR really teaches in easy to understand language how to approach reading the form and preparing their wagers.
I will keep you posted on my progress.  Please feel free to use my comments on your site.
Thank you again and I will keep in touch.
My deepest thanks.
Bob Croasdale - IRS Enrolled Agent
TCF Consulting, Inc.
San Diego, CA
Dan Mulville - San Diego, CA
"I just wanted to offer you my compliments."
Danielle VanHeusen - Saratoga, NY
"Hi Frank,

I'm what you call a novice.  I love to go to the races with my friends and, needless to say, we bet the horses with the cutest names, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.  Eventually, I wanted to learn more about what I was looking at in the Post Parade.  So, I purchased the OMH package.  I tried several times to try and decipher the information so that I could handicap with some sense of intelligence.  However, because it took me too many hours to go through one race, I just gave up and put my package away never to look at it again.  I never took Frank up on his offer to call or email him any questions that I had.  I felt that there was too much I didn't know or understand and I was too embarrassed.
Well, here I am miles away from my kit and out of the blue I decided to back to the OMH website.  I decided to email Frank.  He was extremely helpful and suggested that I look at some old newsletters/worksheets in the archives section.  I found a wealth of information, and, of course, had a lot of questions.  Frank was gracious enough to answer all of them and encouraged me to continue to ask.  I have found that the "situations" are not as overwhelming as I orginally thought and as I progress with my new-found knowledge I believe that the OMH is the best tool I have ever used.  I am really enjoying handicapping and am looking forward to Tampa Bay and Gulfstream.
Thanks, again, Frank for encouraging me to ask questions and that you really do mean what you say.  Everyone should take advantage of this extra benefit of OMH.
Denny Lapikas - Columbus City, OR
"Your product is still the best."
Jerry Hawkins - Tacoma, WA
"Hello Frank,

I hope you enjoyed a pleasant Independence Day holiday. I certainly did...thanks to you and OMH! After receiving OMH last week, I have invested quite a bit of time stdying the Guide and familiarizing myself with the Workbook. In a week's time, of course, I have really just scratched the surface of the massive amount of useful information and advice you have provided. Armed however with a working understanding of the priciples of Betting Situations and use of the Workbook, I decided to tackle the 4th of July card at Emerald Downs. It's always a big event at the track. The night before, I prepped the DRF and employed the Workbook to identify Betting Situations. The materials are EXACTLY what I have long hoped to find...a guide to organizing, interpreting and using the wealth of information in the DRF. New to the Workbook process, going through the checklist of each of nine races took several hours. The effort proved extremely worthwhile! In the very first race (1 mile), #5 had "bet me" written all over him: beaten favorite, drop in company, jockey upgrade, a win at distance, trainer ROI of $2.31 on routes. ML 5-2, FF 5-1. I made a nice bet to win and place. Unfortunately, he was bet down to 2-1, but he won paying $5.40 and $3.60. Nice way to start the day. Better things to come! In race three, maidens, fillies 2 years old (the kind of race I have often avoided) #4 had a ML of 10-1, FF 22-1. Troubled trip, good trainer stats (.20 2YO, .17 1stBlink.) Seeing those Betting Situations, I bet her to win and cashed a $33.60 ticket!! Best wager I have ever placed! My only major heartbreak of the day was in the 8th. #5 ML 20-1 FF 7-1, drop in company, favorable jockey change, troubled trip, impressive workouts, preferred distance. Bet him to win and place. He went off at 19-1 and came in second by 1/2...then was DQued and placed fourth! All was forgiven in the 9th and featured race, a 1 mile $45k handicap. #3 Sudden Departure looked good: ML 7-2 FF 5-1, several bullet workouts, troubled trip last time out (but came in second), trainer Routes .20. I bet him to win and place. He went off at 7-1. In a very exciting head to head rush for the wire after trailing by 6 lengths, he beat the even-money favorite by a nose. I cashed for $15.80 win, $7.00 place! As a still undisciplined and overly-enthusiastic bettor, wagering on a three horse exacta box that fell apart and betting on a race that had a few but no substantial Betting Situations nibbled away at some of my innings. I still need to learn how to interpret the true significance of the FF: how much of a change from the ML should trigger a Betting Situation? Same with Overlay and Underlays. I'm sure those situations are illustrated in the Guide, but I haven't absorbed everything yet, of course! Also, I need to become better familiar with the language of a troubled trip. Some comments are obvious: bumped, fractious in gate, 3 wide etc. But whatabout saved ground, chased, inside and dueled inside, off rail and altered course? Thanks to you Frank and OMH, the 4th of July was an exciting, eye-opening and succesful day at the track. Better than that though, I feel now that I am actually learning how to read and use the Racing Form in a way that will lead, with experience,to continued success. Many thanks for your many hours of hard work in creating the Guide and Workbook. It's an impressive and practical layout, too: the heavy duty lay-flat, spiral binding is useful and well-thought out! Sorry for the length of this report, but I wanted to let you know that I am totally pumped up about yesterday and my whole OMH experience. Can't wait for Sunday!

Jerry Hawkins
Tacoma, WA"
John Strader
"Dear Frank,

I first want to thank you for such a timely professional response on getting the One Minute Handicapper to me so Quickly. I was very surprised as i ordered The OMH on Friday Morning and to my delight received it SAturday Afternoon.

I then on Saturday night Read Your forward and introduction which covered the Basis of the First Flash Principal.

I must say on suday I applied your First Flash Theory in the 2nd Race At Tampa the 1 Horse opened with a odds flash of 9 to 5 and at post time was 3 to 1 he paid 8.20 at the track and 7.70 at our OTB betting Parlor.

I then applied the first flash principal in the 3rd at Tampa The 1a was scratched but the other part of the entry the 1 At first flash opened at 8 to 5. at post time he was 4 to 1 and paid 8.10. needless to say I was very pleased with your principal and said I'll bet the fouth at Tampa if the first flash presented an overlay.

In the fourth here are the horses odds at the first flash.

the 1- was 10-1 ML 10-1
the 2- was 7-1 ML 3-1
the 3 -was 7-1 ML 12-1
the 4- was 17-1 ML 20-1
the 5- was-5-1 ML 8-1
the 6- was 5-1 ML 10-1
the 7- was 3-1 ML 5/2
the 8-was 9-1 ML 15-1
the 9-was 9-2 ML 7-2

At the second flash the 8 was 8-1 and the drifted all the way up to 19-1 at post time. I figured what the heck and bet him to win which surprised me when he got up to win the race. Needless to say was i pleased as he paid $41.80.

Frank I look forward to learning the rest of your betting situations But must say the First Flash sure was hitting today. Thanks

Joseph Rickert - Mantua, NJ
"Good Morning,

Not sure if this will get to Frank but it is an accolade for all who put the One Minute Handicapper together for us.

I received your information late Saturday which was very quick by the way. I really didn't have time to get through the whole manual but I did have the worksheets and decided to give it a try using them as a guide to bet the Belmont card on Sunday.

I was pleasantly surprised by the results. Now granted I was not using the information fully and not betting more than the minimum each race. Just a test to see how it would work in real time.

I did not have one loser on the card. Of course it was a very chalky day at Belmont but I would take those days all the time if I had a choice between that and not cashing at all. I did skip the maiden races so not sure how they would have done and I also had one of the picks scratch late.

The last race I handicapped very quickly because of the time factor but hit the winner and the exact which I played due to my feeling very confident by now in your worksheets.

I was able to make a $40.00 profit on just 2 dollar bets. The last race exact made up the larger portion of that total. Think it paid $62 and change and I only had it for a dollar. Not bad for just testing. Almost made back what it cost me to purchase your OHM information.

I am now a little afraid of studying the rest of the manual since I had such good results but maybe they will get better so of course I will absorb the rest of the information.

Just wanted to pass along my thanks and good news on what seems to be a great product. Of course that is only one day and it is horse racing but I'm feeling very confident in the ability of the OHM to increase my handicapping skills which were just so so in the past. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Joe Rickert"
Larry Eaton
" Frank,

I read the whole book twice and found it full of interesting information. I didn't have a very good weekend the first weekend, lost a few hundred, but it was a fun weekend. A friend and I were back at the Spa for this past sundays races. He had his son with him and it was his first time to the race track. To make a long story short. I did have a very good day. I didn't use the work sheet but did circle and underline important information in the drf. After not picking the right horses or just no betting them correctly I looked back and realised that all of the top finishing horses had a lot of circles and underlines. The rest of the day turned out very nice for me. I'm not a big better so 20 dollars a race is about my tops.

The 5th race First flash ML 20/1, ff 8/1. Why not take a chance Went off at 12/1 Paid 27.20 $20 to win, $10 to place I love first flash. 9th race ff two finger lakes horses that I would completely over look .FF both ML 12/1 to 4/1ff Favorite 6/5 tri didn't pay anything 18.00 but ff worked again. 11th race ML 20/1, FF 4/1 off at 6/1 All of the other horses that had a lot of circles and underlines were used for exata, tri, and super. I had $20 to win Paid 13.20, Had 10 to place, had exata $44.20 Tri for $1 paid 87.25 and MY FIRST SUPER for $1 for$ 551 total $925 Most that I have every won at the races. Thank you for an easy way to even the playing field. I don,t get to the races often but you can be sure that I will be using your OMH. I have a few questions next time.

Sorry for the length of this note ,just thought you would like to know.

Larry Eaton"
Mike Scully - Madison Heights, MI
"Your Software is GREAT!!"
Sam Parzanese
"'FIRST FLASH' for cash.

Hello OMH horseplayers and handicappers, my name is Sam Parzanese, I've been involved with the horse wagering and race track scenario's for the past forty years.

I thought I would mention that so you would know what I'm about. I enrolled in The OMH school about two years ago and I've been an honor student ever since. In my eyes the betting situation system of The OMH is enormously helpful, but the ultimate Situation is 'FIRST FLASH.' I'll explain why.

I just think of 'FIRST FLASH' as a pitcher in baseball, everything begins with him and the first pitch.FIRST FLASH is the first Situation you physically experience when wagering on a race. Also please keep in mind that just about every race has a First Flash candidate to wager on.

First Flash horses don't have to be favorites, other horses can be 8/1 down to 4/1, 10/1 down to 5/1. At smaller tracks like Philly park on Monday 2/16/09, 8/1 down to 3/1 and she 'aired'.

Don't be fooled by the blinking lights on the odds boards. Once you determine your 'FIRST FLASH' candidate, pull the situation apart and find the reasoning behind the early wager! FIRST FLAS horses can be used in exactas, tris and supers.. I've enjoyed some hefty scores with 'FIRST FLASH' horses especially in the exotics. Horsemen, jocks and stable hands try to make scores with their horses whenever they can, especially at second level tracks where the purses aren't as bountiful as major tracks.

In closing, follow OMH. I would leave you with this reminder. FIRST FLASH horses are often heavy favorites, remember to use FIRST FLASH with prices, to beef up your exotic wagers and flat betting packages.

Finally, please keep in mind 'FIRST PITCH / FIRST FLASH for more CASH'

Good luck, cash some tickets!

Sam Parzanese"
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The One Minute Handicapper eBook
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newWidely acclaimed, the superior OMH client service now includes past and future issues of "THE OMH NEWSLETTER" at NO ADDITIONAL COST with a purchase of any one of The OMH Value Packages , Software Program, Guide and a current e-mail address! The OMH Newsletter features BETTING SITUATION updates, OMH client FAQ's and OMH "bits and pieces."

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